He and Wheeler put their music abilities together and this created the start of the All-American Rejects. Jesse Tabish was the vocalist/guitarist who afterwards left the group and became an associate of a folk band.In 2000, while still in high school, the group formed a demo which they labeled The All-American Rejects. In 2001, they recorded their self-titled album The All-American Rejects with producer Tim O’Hier.The album and their first single Swing, Swing were released by the end of 2002.

Tim Campbell became the drummer but they were having a difficulty with him.

He was soon replaced by Chris Gaylor who played in a different group with Kennerty.

Tyson Ritter along with the members of the All-American Rejects group became successful in their own music. Ritter has graduated earlier to pursue his career but walked together with all the course a year later.

They started selling their album and created their own music. Most of his family is now living in Medicine Lodge. He is also related to Jackie Ritter Oyler and her two kids Myrna and Adrian Oyler through John Ritter’s uncle.

He went outside of Stillwater, OK to Destin, FL where he lived with his girlfriend, model/actress Kim Smith.

His family has been dating Kim since 2003 however he soon affirmed they already broke up in 2009.The Rejects left Oklahoma and have come a long way.Tyson Ritter could be the lead vocalist and bassist of the All-American Rejects group.He loves rock music as well as a large fan of AC/DC.Music has played an excellent role in his life particularly when he was in middle school.Himself learned to play the bass during Christmas break until he could come out as well as join the group in the late 90s.