If you wear sunglasses and are talking to someone they cannot see your eyes or the complete style of your facial expressions.Now for some reason when people can’t see your eyes they start thinking about everything you say and do in critical terms.

There is a huge amount of trust associated with looking someone in the eye.

There is plenty of deceit built up when wearing sunglasses while holding a conversation with another person.

There are plenty of things that can be done wrong with glasses including wearing them on your forehead while trying to sell something.

This just looks ridiculous and in no way should this be done unless it is Halloween and you are mocking a not too smart salesperson.

Now some people do have issues with the sunlight and really have a reason to want to wear sunglasses in a case like that it may be better to see if you can use some persuasive skills to get your meeting moved to somewhere that you can see better.

In a case like this you would want to use prescription glasses that auto tint or move indoors.

There are also times where you are meeting with friends or people that you already know where this advice would not apply.

This issue does not really develop unless you are talking about something serious.

Now if you are all out in the sun or at the beach then disregard not wearing sunglasses.